These images are from Animated Anatomies, a show of anatomical flap-books at Duke University (ending July 17th).  These books invite the viewer to participate in a visual autopsy by lifting up successive flaps, each one revealing different anatomical parts.  The examples above (except for the black and white one, 17th century) are from the 19th century, the “golden age” of anatomical flip books.


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One of the first places to go if you ever find yourself in Paris is the Deyrolle house. Deyrolle house was founded in 1831 by the famous entomologist Jean-Baptiste Deyrolle and has been blowing peoples minds ever since.  In February of 2008 a fire destroyed almost 90 percent of the collection and many rooms of the house itself.  There is a beautiful book documenting the charred remains of the artifacts called 1000 Degrees Celsius by Laurent Bochet (there is a great interview with Bochet here). Since the fire, a successful fund raising campaign has restored most of the house, and many new and old pieces have found there way back to their historic home.